How to Protect Your House If You’re Out on a Trip?

If you’re planning to take a vacation, you’re probably getting ready by packing your suitcase, renting your rental vehicle in advance, and hiring a home sitter to water your plants and feed your pets. However, as you get ready for your long-awaited trip, have you considered the needed precautions to keep your house secured while you are away? Here are the following ways to guarantee that your house will be burglarproof and disaster-free while you’re on a vacation. 

All your alarm company 

If you’ve installed an alarm system in your house, it can surely give you peace of mind. Moreover, it can help you to qualify for an additional discount on homeowners’ insurance. If you still don’t have an alarm system, you can fool burglars by allowing them to think that you have one by hanging signs of a fake security company, and when you want to go beyond, think about setting up a fake security surveillance system or get a Frisco home security system. 

Enlist your neighbors 

Choose a neighbor you truly trust and tell them that you will be out of town for some time. Then, ask them to check up on your home from time to time and tell them to contact the authorities in the event they observe any dangerous or suspicious-looking people within the area.  

Be careful what you share on your social media 

Sure, it can be very enticing to share your photos or your whereabouts of your trip through posting on your social media accounts. However, you are actually giving hints to potential burglars that you are not in your house, making you a potential target for them to invade. To prevent thieves to target you, do not publicly share any details you have while on vacation until you get back in your home.  

Do not forget to lock up 

It’s a given that you need to lock all of your doors before you take a break and go on a vacation. However, do not forget to secure other openings, such as mall slots or pet doors, to avoid burglars from unlocking the door and reaching in with a tool.  Also, if you’ve got an automated garage door, try to disconnect the automated opener and put a padlock on your garage-door track instead. 

Make your home appear as if somebody’s inside 

To prevent being the potential target of home intruders, make sure to do some safety precautions by making your home appear as if somebody is still at home. Set timers on your televisions, radios, and lights so they will automatically be switched off and on at different times through the day and night. Also, see to it that you have a freshly cut lawn. Allot somebody to park their vehicle within your empty driveway. Place window curtains and blinds like normal but ensure that they aren’t displaying valuable appliances, furnishings, or any belongings you have. Also, as you’re doing it, ask your neighbor to get your daily newspaper delivery and gather your mail for you.