Tips to Revive Dead Grass

Do you want to revive your dry and dying lawn and turn it into a healthy, lush, and happy one? If so, keep on reading this article and learn some tips to revive your dead grass and lawn: 

Rough up or aerate the soil 

Before you plant your new grass seeds, make sure to aerate the soil or rough it up a bit and walk across your lawn to loosen the soil and provide your seeds a great start. Moreover, if your soil can breathe, your soil will be less likely to be compacted and this is a good thing for your grass.  

Remove dead grass and weeds 

Grass can be overwhelmed when there are lots of existing weeds. Moreover, this can cause your grass to be dead and just cause weeds to take over the garden. To start with the ways to revive your grass, make sure to get rid of several weeds as you can and also those dead patches of grass. If you do this, it will provide the new seeds a greater chance to be established, with coverage and less competition.  

Wait for rain or provide it some water 

Sometimes, your grass can appear dead and quite dry since it’s dehydrated. If you think your grass is dry, you can either wait for the rain to pour or provide it quick water. At times, this can help in revitalizing grass and revive it to its usual lush and green color. If you are currently dealing with a drought in where you’re living, be patient to your lawn. There’s a great chance that most of the lawns within your neighborhood also experience what you experience as well. It is just a matter of waiting until rain or water restrictions occurs to reduce the issue.  


Look for the seed of the grass that gave been growing within your yard now. If you cannot see the precise match or you’re not sure of the grass type that has been growing, attempt to choose a grass that’s at least the closest match among all. Then, scatter the new grass seed to the vacant patches that require to be revitalized and make sure to keep on watering them properly. Choose your time to do this. The greatest times to reseed would be autumn or spring—basically, if the weather is milder instead of being too hot or too cold.  

Keep your grass healthy 

After you’re done reseeding your lawn, now is the time to start making sure that it is maintained and looking its best all the time. As we take care of more of our flowers and plants, paying attention to our grasses can sometimes be neglected or the least prioritized lawn task. One of the greatest means of preventing this is the need to do massive and dedicated work to revive dead grass and to make sure that it will always be properly maintained. If you think you are too busy to do that, you can always refer to the lawn experts and avail of their lawn maintenance services.  


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