How to Handle a Time-Sensitive Freight Shipment?

For a couple of shippers, time-sensitive transportation is inevitable. Expedited or time-critical freight shipments are typically goods with a short lifespan. This includes prescription drugs or perishables and produce. Urgent shipments such as details or equipment can also often need time-critical transportation. 

There are a couple of tips that you have to consider to get the best experience while using time-sensitive freight shipments. From hiring reliable Canadian partner carriers to using a 3rd-party logistics, here are several things you should know: 

Hiring a 3rd-Party Logistics 

Working with a 3rd-party logistics company will ultimately help you save money and time on long and troublesome shipping errors and researches. A 3rd-party logistics company has a huge network of reliable carriers and can help look for the option for your special business and shipment needs and requirements. Aside from that, they also manage the documentation of the shipment and incorporate technology to show clear visibility into the process of shipping. They’ll offer support 24/7 and provide regular updates. A 3rd-party logistics company can also help you with insurance for the freight and will take accountability for all the complexities of the transportation process. Working with a 3rd-party logistics company can save you money in the long run. The reason for this is that they offer lower rates compared to the market average due to their buying power. 

Add Freight Insurance 

It’s extremely suggested to buy freight insurance to get extra protection in the case of freight damages or delays. It covers the complete value of your goods when compared to carrier liability. It’s extremely vital to insure it properly since expedited freight is sometimes of high value. 

Hire the Correct Carriers 

Hiring reliable carriers with experience and the correct tools are vital for the successful transportation of time-critical items. However, you have to keep in mind that it can be difficult to find the best carriers. There are a lot of things that you have to consider. This includes the percentage of freight claims, on-time delivery, visibility, service types, communication between the carrier and your business, and much more. However, this is often not possible since a lot of time-sensitive shipments are made on the spot.  

Plan Ahead of Time 

The time to request the help of a 3rd-party logistics company isn’t after an issue occurs. Though that provider can perhaps do something to lower your issue, it is still just a short-term solution. You might experience this problem again in the future. 

That’s why it is best to establish a partnership with a 3PL right now. This will offer you the chance to prevent unexpected issues.  

When you’ve got a severe problem that you have to address right away, you’ll probably need assistance. This is what you require from a 3rd-party logistics company. You have to establish an excellent relationship with a company you can rely on to help with any problem. You do not require a company that wants to start increasing the prices right away as soon as you need their help.